An ode to all the chocolate lovers

Food Review: Choco Pizza by Dominos

We have had all sorts of pizzas with various toppings but the basic ingredients have always remained the same. For one its recipes, Dominos has chosen to go the non-traditional way, and has broken all the barriers of what pizza usually is all about that is namely cheese, passata, vegetables or meat.

Desserts will have a new perspective now as what Dominos has on offer is the most deadly combination for food lovers around the world! A Combination of Pizza and Chocolate is not less than a ‘choco treat’ from Dominos for all the chocolate lovers, and what better one could have asked for during the festive season? A trip to this sin city offers you an every chance of indulgence in the most delectable combination of flavours that one could have ever imagined- ‘choco brownie’, ‘choco cookie’, ‘cheesecake’ and ‘nougatine’ which is again topped with oodles of ‘chocolate sauce’ and ‘white choco chips’. It’s a thin, crispy, wheat crust base pizza that will make every bite into it all worth it as it has all the awesomeness of chocolaty love for the pizza lovers. I know, you guys are smiling like a Cheshire cat as this news has given you every reason to do that, right?

Since the Choco Pizza has so many scrumptious toppings so it might be a little tedious to pick up a slice as conveniently as your usual pizzas but I didn’t complain one bit because a mix of chocolate sin on my slice is exactly what the best thing about it is! This new whipped up love of chocolaty pizza is definitely worth a try for you to experience something new, for a change, and that too at an affordable price.


What made my taste buds tingle @ Zodiac by Fortune Select Excalibur?

Being an Indian, our love for street food can never diminish. India is so diverse that even street food varies from region to region, and no wonder, it has a special place in our hearts! Recently, Martini on Heels, was invited to have a taste of an elaborate spread of the street food by Zodiac restaurant at Fortune Select Excalibur. What if I tell you that you get to taste not only the Indian Street food but street food culinary from other countries as well? Yes, you heard me right! And, what better than having a lavish spread of street food which is hygienically prepared at a fine dining restaurant, for a change?

Starting from Kolkatta’s ‘Jhal Muri’, Bihar’s ‘Litti Chokha’, Bengal’s ‘Puchke’, Kolkata’s Chicken Roll, Chandni Chownk’s ‘Chole Bhature’, Purani Dili’s ‘Kachouri Subzi,’ Mysore’s Paddu, ‘Ganne ka Ras’ , and Akki Roti with Mysore Chicken Curry to Indonesian Chicken Satays, South Africa’s Bunny Chow, Mongolian Mixed Meats Grills, and Poland’s French Bread Pizza, you will find it all under one roof! ‘Jhal Muri’ which is the Kolkatta’s version of Bhel Puri was lip smackinly good. ‘Akki Roti with Mysore chicken curry’ was a wonderful combination, something which I tried for the first time. The chicken in the curry was tender and cooked to perfection. Indonesian Chicken Satays were not dry and again, it is one of my favourite street foods. South Africa’s Bunny chow needs special mention as it was a thick curry dish stuffed in a soft bun, something which I enjoyed eating apart from other dishes I had loved. There was a huge spread of desserts as well which had everything from Cakes, Ice- Creams, Halwa, Baklava etc. I personally liked a sweet dish which was a warm, not very sweet, and it was prepared using muesli. It was a perfect dish to satisfy my sugar cravings in this cold weather. However, I wasn’t a fan of their phirni which was a little less thick to my liking. However, one would have so much to choose from that it becomes a little difficult to choose what to indulge into and what to leave!

As far as my experience goes, I was definitely spoilt for choice and, I felt the quality of food was up to my expectations too. Fortune Select Excalibur is a part of the ITC chain, and the food was scrumptious and of good quality. The hotel is not only to the close proximity to Delhi, but also to the airport, and few shopping complexes along with neighbouring tourist attractions like Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Sohna Hot Spring, and Biodiversity Park. One can easily spend a day at these tourist attractions or shoping malls, and go for a nice, delicious, relaxed meal at the Zodiac! I found the staff was courteous as well which is a quintessential aspect that cannot be ignored by me whenever I go to dine out at any restaurant.

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Five types of people who would simply love Quattro Formaggi Burst Pizza by Dominos

Who doesn’t love pizzas? We all do! It is that meal which instantly brings smiles to everyone’s face. Though it is difficult to categorize pizza lovers, but I still feel that these five types of people wouldn’t be able to escape this new gooey-cheesy (read as loaded with cheese) love offered by Dominos to them! After all, it is our love for pizzas, and we all fall into at least one of the categories below, right?

  1. It’s a shoutout to all the cheese lovers in the world. When you have four types of cheeses oozing out in one single slice, which cheese lover would complaint? Yes, you heard that right! The new Quattro Formaggi pizza by Dominos is a deadly combination of Mozzarella, Ricotta, Cheddar and Gouda! Now that’s what I call a wonderful Cheese Heaven!
  2. I am yet to come across a kid who doesn’t love cheese. Yes, it’s a treat for the kids as they would love to bite into this heavenly combination of the most loved cheeses in the world. Top it up with vegetables or protein, and it makes everyone happy- kids and their parents!
  3. Movie lovers who cannot watch a movie without food even at home. I belong to this category for sure! When I am watching my favourite flick, I need good food! What better than ordering in a Pizza? And, when you find the perfect balance of flavours in Quattro Formaggi Burst Pizza, with everyone’s favourite -Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese, topped with some saltiness of the Ricotta, and complemented by full bodied Gouda cheese, your taste buds will thank you as well!
  4. Corporate Professionals love Pizzas as sometimes you don’t have time on yourself to sit for an elaborate meal. Order-in this newly launched pizza from Dominos, grab a slice in your hand, and you are all set to juggle your work and hunger pangs at the same time! It is quite filling, and your tummy would be as happy as your taste buds!
  5. Dominos with Quattro Burst Pizza has definitely got your ‘Cheat Day’ meal sorted! So, people who are on a diet all the time, also, like to indulge into something that satisfy their stomach and soul both. This Pizza will help you achieve that! And, you will be happy to stuff these calories as well because every bite will do justice in terms of taste! It is a blissful indulgence!

So, Readers, What are you waiting for? Indulge into this foodgasm, and thank me later! ☺

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Munchies that make me love movies even more!!!

Recently, Martini On Heels attended the launch of new range of munchies in town at INOX Junpgpura, New Delhi. It was an interesting event where few food bloggers were invited to have a taste of ‘INOX Muchos’ by the brand, and believe me when I gave it a try, every flavour was lip smackingly good! We had a small interaction with the Marketing Head, Mr Manoj Lalwani who briefed us on the brand, flavours, and their punch line- movie in the pack! I was actually, wondering about the thought behind their punch line, and in the Q&A session, I did ask him, ‘Why movie in a pack’ when they would be retailing out of the stores as well? To which, he answered that the idea is to offer an experience of watching a movie to the consumers in a pack of INOX Muchos, and that experience could be outside the cinema halls as well! Well, certainly, I couldn’t disagree on this as almost all of their flavours were simply irresistible. And, obviously in the world of movie buffs who are also foodies, there are two sorts of people- Popcorn lovers and Nachos Lovers. Trying their best to woo all the popcorn lovers, the brand has really done some brainstorming as their wide array of flavours include- Toffee & Caramel, Chipotle Chilles, Cheese & Pineaaple, and Pineapple and Green chillies! Nachos lovers wouldn’t be disappointed as INOX Muchos gave a proper thought to tickle your taste buds as well! Tomato & Bell Peppers, Cheese & Jalapeno, Piri Piri Chilli & Lemon are few wicked flavours which also come with a pack of cheese dip! I know that hits a jackpot, right? As Nachos without a cheesy dip is as incomplete as your French Fries without tomato ketchup, and with the right dip it’s the best combination which sends you straight to heaven! Health Freaks, you wouldn’t feel isolated as INOX Muchos launched their range of kettle chips just for you which are baked potato crisps in two flavours- Rock sea salt, and Cheddar & Parmesean, Basil & Orgeano and, Yes! These four ingredients are a part of just one flavour!

After stuffing our faces with these delicious muchos, we headed to the hall where we all of us together watched the latest flick ‘Dear Zindagi’ on comfortable recliners. Ofcourse, our fingers constantly, fished for those crunchy munchies in the bag of INOX Muchos that we couldn’t stop munching. I was totally into a zone of sheer relaxation and comfort! It’s just that I wouldn’t really mind some generous quantity in my bag of Inox Muchos though. So, coming to the movie experience with INOX Muchos, Yes, I know, you would want to know my review about the movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ as I have mentioned in the post! Well, it certainly, has an interesting plot which is picked up from our everyday lives. It addresses the issue of mental illness prevailing in our society, beautifully! Each one of us has gone through a situation in our lives where we were emotionally weak, and that doesn’t mean just having been through a relationship turmoil. It could be anything, and ‘Dear Zindagi’ just shows a different perception about life issues, relationship problems, and everyday concerns that we all constantly juggle with! It is definitely, your weekend watch, and to make your whole movie experience complete, go for that bag full of popcorn or Nachos from INOX Muchos, and thank me later! ☺

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