Seven tips on how to style your evening gowns

Evening gowns are always a perfect choice for your special occasion, any formal party or a pre-wedding function! There is a reason that it is the choice of all the celebrities worldwide for the red carpet event. A perfect evening gown will accentuate your curves and that’s exactly what is so classy and fabulous about this dreamy outfit. Yes, I find it ‘dreamy’ because whether it’s a floor sweeping gown paired with high heels or a flared one which can make you feel like a princess, once you swirl, it will always make you feel on the top of the world! However, there are always few styling tips which can make or break that look, and shouldn’t be ignored!

Things to keep in mind when you style your evening gown:

  1. It is all about the right fit– No matter how flattering the gown is but you have to make sure that it is for you! The right fit is the vital factor as it can make or break the look for you.
  2. Your foundation pieces are as important as your main outfit– A visible panty line is very distracting and steals away all the panache from your look! For the love of god, please choose your undergarments carefully. Avoid backless dresses, if you don’t have the perfect bra to go with it because without the support it will make your gown look very shabby and unclassy.
  3. Know your body to choose the gown– If you are pear shaped or have a thin waist line, invest in an empire waist gown. It will highlight your narrow waist and hide all the flaws. Similarly, if you are an apple shaped you might want to accentuate your bottom area.
  4. Do not accessorize all your visible areas– It is not advisable to wear jewellery wherever you can think of! Keep it simple, minimal and classy. If your outfit needs to be elevated around the neck then just go for one statement necklace, and if it doesn’t, just skip it. Sometimes, all you need is a hint of jewellery, may be a nice pair of earrings or a handcuff! Like I styled this blue-back one below.
  5. Right pair of heels– Yes, it gives you a right posture but only, if you choose your heels correctly, and most importantly, if you can glide in those shoes and not hop! If you wear six-inches heels but can barely walk in those for even ten minutes then it’s a bad choice, go for kitten heels instead!
  6. Every other detail counts– Your makeup, hair and even every other small detail like manicured hands will make a world of difference. I personally like, sleek hairdo for evening gowns as it’s your outfit that should grab all the eyeballs. The hair and make up should not clash with your outfit. So, please avoid all the drama and experiments for this evening look!
  7. The right bag– Evening clutches mostly go well with these beautiful gowns as you do need something to carry your basic stuff.

I have styled various different evening gown looks for this post. Have a look and let me know how you guys have liked it. All these fabulous pieces are designed by Nidhi Gupta who showcased this entire collection at the recently, held Asia Designer Week!

About Nidhi Gupta and her label Sattvika

Nidhi Gupta is a leading stylist and designer. A NIIFT graduate, she functioned as a designer for one of the renowned designer Varun Bahl, before venturing out on her own and launching the label “Sattvika” in 2007. In Vedic philosophy, Sattvika stands for “Purity” signifying authenticity in her designs. With forte in both western & traditional ethnic Indian wear for women, she chose to play around with colors in Indian attire, in sync with her belief of celebrating traditions with contemporary styles. The collection captures traditional weaving artistry, handmade embroideries and fabrics in an eternal collection. But more importantly, her designs voice the taste of the new age 21st century Indian woman.

Outfits- Sattvika by Nidhi Gupta | Jewellery- Zariin
Concept, Styling and Content- Karishma Kambo
Photography- Niharika Bokaria
Graphics- Jawwad
Location Courtesy- ITC Welcome Hotel, Dwarka


Valentine’s Day Euphoria!

There are two sets of people- who believe in Valentine’s Day and those who actually find this ‘over-the-top’ display of love ridiculous to the core of their heart. Though there are many people who experience this feeling of euphoria, on this day but there are still a few who find it bizarre. I wish, I could be infected with this overly exciting V-day syndrome, but I don’t perceive myself to be a part of the same, to that extent. It’s not that I have anything against it rather I want to celebrate love every single day of my life! It’s just that my expectations out of ‘being in love’ cannot be restricted to any special day. I had always thought why do I need to step out, and celebrate love just because there is a day assigned for that? Especially, when restaurants are overbooked and swarmed with lovey-dovey couples, shopping malls are more keen on the public display of affection than the couples themselves, and don’t even talk about those heart shaped balloons that are found in every nook and corner of the city on this day! I am more than happy to be with my special one in a private set up where there is no humdrum of bizarre V-day celebrations!

Sometimes it dawns on me that there is another set of people- those who fantasize about getting involved but just cannot put their guts together to be a part of it!

However, I believe valentine love is 365 days, and that’s how I would like to keep it! Yes, I know, there’s a little bit of ‘Mills and Boon’ perspective here but being a Libran, I have a full right to be in my dreamy world! ☺

I don’t care about this date, per se, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in love or the celebration of love. It’s just that I am not a ‘play by rules sort of a person’. Despite this, yesterday, I stepped out to buy a Valentine’s Day gift, and it was for my brother from his girlfriend who is not based out of India and she thought I have a better taste and sense of gifting, so, she assigned me the job. As I walked from the store to store searching for a perfect gift for my brother (from his girlfriend, of course), a thought crossed my mind that I have never been through this drill to this extent, especially, because it’s a valentine’s day!

There is another irony about this special occasion – not everyone but may be a few couples put their pretentious faces especially for V-day because they are meant to behave in certain fashion or post pictures on the social media. I still look at it positively because had it been not for this day, another day would have passed for them thinking they cannot be in love. Maybe, this day might have changed something for them. Amen!

Being a hopeless romantic (this is another Libran trait), I believe, I am so full of life and love that I don’t need any special day to feel like that. I don’t consciously participate and neither am I an anti-V-day person but the irony is I did get involved!

And, maybe on this special day, in an overly excited state of mind, I might end up with a bouquet of red roses in my hands, having a candle light dinner at some swanky restaurant which is full of excited couples! LOL!!! (Never say never, right?)

P.S. I don’t like red roses, any colour will do, but not red!! 😉
Until Next time, lots of love and Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovely readers!!