When fashion comes to your rescue- 3 Looks X 3 Moods

Fashion is whatever you are feeling right now- anonymous

I agree with the above saying and that’s why I feel fashion has the power to uplift your mood, energy and even, your state of mind. To elaborate on this further, we all dress up, as per the occasion. If it’s a happy occasion, the outfit is anything from bright, to well fitted, and even one of the latest trends. If we have a sad occasion to go to, immediately, our outfit is understated and minimal. However, if we realize we are infesting our outfit with those emotions too. My point is that one can go the other way around and use its outfit to re-charge, elevate and bring the A- game. If you look good, you feel good. Isn’t it?

As per the study by Dr Karen Pine who examined the connection between women’s emotional state of mind and what they wore, she said. ‘Many of the women felt they could alter their mood by changing what they wore.” That’s why someone rightly said; ‘wear your heart on your sleeve and your brain in your sweater.’

“Even in the worst mood, I will still dress up. When I arrive there looking good, my spirit rises and my mood changes from low to high. Compliments add a little bit of spice and by the time I leave, I am glad, I went there because I feel better and I am glad, I pushed myself to dress up.” – by Rahan Kimani (An extract from her book- Seeking Happiness Inexpensively- 2)

So the crux is, no matter how low, flustered, nervous or unhappy you are feeling, the right outfit will come to your rescue.

I am sharing three looks and the corresponding three moods that I can relate to with these outfits that I have styled!

‘Happy and Cheerful’

This blush colour, ruffled, one shoulder dress is an easy-breezy day outfit. Whether you want to go on a coffee date, hangout with your girls or just want to be on your own, it will hit all the right strings with joy! The playfulness of the dress will come across in your look. Ruffles, frills and fringes have always conveyed cheerfulness to me and that’s why I chose this dress to convey happiness through my outfit. To enhance the look further, I have kept my makeup light and minimal. It’s a good idea to wear pastel colours in the summers for that fresh look.

‘Bold and Powerful’

Black colour signifies authority, power, and sophistication at the same time. When it comes to fashion this colour is no less than an aphrodisiac for all the ‘fashionistas’ worldwide. I chose this black maxi dress for that perfect style statement look. The combination of the red lip colour and high-heeled pumps definitely, added an element of finesse for me. This sort of an outfit is always an apt choice for any formal occasion, evening soiree or even a clubbing date with your partner.

‘Sweet and Lady-like’

Yes, this look is achievable by donning an outfit but obviously, one needs to behave like a lady too. I chose a full-sleeved dress which was sleek and smooth. I paired the outfit with pearl studs and pink pumps. The right shoes and accessories, will either make a look or kill it. I decided to pull back my hair in a ponytail, and wore a deep pink hued lip colour to add some pop of colour. This is such a versatile look that you can carry it during the day or in the evening.

I thought to share some ‘Tips for Happy wardrobe’ for you all

1. Wear clothes that fit you well
2. Add colour to your outfit. Play with bright and vibrant colours in your dressing
3. Choose clothes that flatter your body. Eg- Bardot tops to flaunt your shoulders and empire waist line to enhance your waist.
4. Cull your wardrobe. It is recommended to do so atleast, twice in a year which is once per season.
5. Donate these clothes and make others happy too!
6. You can always make your outfit go a notch up by adding an element of necklace, watch, high heels, a scarf or even just a bright lip-colour.

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up!

Hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post! Do let me know your thoughts.

Concept, Styling and Content by Karishma Kambo | Photography by Vinay Singh Tomar
Look 1: [Dress – Fab Alley | Ankle boots- Alberto Toressi | bag- Dorothy Perkins | Lip cpolour- Nykaa| Nail Paint- Sephora]
Look 2: [Dress- River Island | Pumps- Aldo | Cuff- Bgs | Lip Cp- MAC]
Look 3: [Dress– Zara | Pumps- Zara | lip Colour- Maybelline | Studs- Zariin Jewellery| ]

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