VLCC Haldi & Chandan Face Wash

I am always scouting for natural skin care products. I am not a fan of chemically infused beauty products and especially, when it comes to an everyday product like a face wash. Recently, I laid my hands on VLCC Haldi & Chandan face wash and I want to share my experience with you all. This chrome coloured face wash comes in a tube and has a translucent texture. One can very subtly smell ‘chandan’ while using which is one of its main components. One would require a coin size quantity at least and it doesn’t lather much but cleanses quite effectively. I don’t like that dry stretchy feeling after using a face wash and neither did it leave my skin dry and moisture deprived. The best quality of this face wash is that it is mild yet cleanses properly and it’s paraben free. I was happy to see that it mentions property like skin brightening and not lightening! My skin did brighten but that effect lasts for a while. This is my first hand experience and I thought I found a perfect face wash at my rescue for the festive season. Who doesn’t want to look radiant during the festivities, right? The product is priced at Rs 99 only. Have a look at the video on my Facebook page and Instagram handle by the name martinionheels where you can see the texture and detailed review. You can also scroll down for few pictures. Until next time and Wishing all my lovely readers a very Happy Diwali!