It’s just Period, Period.

It’s 2018, and we are still fighting the stigma of talking about Menstruation, openly!

We cannot make such a big deal about period, which is a crucial part of a woman’s reproductive cycle. It is a very foundation of life! And, what are we really ashamed of? The entire Human Race? We need to break this barrier of narrow mindedness and just get over the fact that it’s just Period, Period.

In India, millions of women don’t have an access to proper menstrual care which is why I have joined hands with Carmesi, as the brand resolves to provide better and more confident future for all women.
Periods are an intrinsic part of a woman’s life, and so are sanitary napkins. Besides menstrual pain, there are various other issues that a woman experiences during her periods including discomfort, irritation and other skin-infections. Made from nature’s finest materials, the brand delivers an exceptional experience to the consumers. Carmesí pads are completely natural and biodegradable, and contain no harmful synthetics and chemicals.
Carmesí sanitary pads are composed of two main ingredients- Corn Starch and Bamboo Fibre. The corn starch eliminates the risk of skin issues like itchiness or harsh rashes while the bamboo fibre provides complete leakage protection along with a back-sheet which is made of compostable bio-plastic allowing zero leakage, making the pads 100% biodegradable.

Apart from the fact that the product is all natural, here are few other features that sets it apart:

1. The Black Box of Comfort: The pads are delivered to customers in an elegant vanity box that’s convenient and looks super-chic sitting on one’s dresser.
2. Convenient disposal: Each Carmesí pad comes enclosed in a ziplock disposal bag, so one doesn’t have to look for additional tissue papers and polythene bags for this purpose.
3. Size Customization: Carmesí offers its customers the option to choose a mix of sizes in their pack, to cater to the different days of the cycle.
4. Subscription tailored to Period Cycle: Carmesí delivers a customer’s period supply two days before the estimated period date, so a customer never has to worry about running out of pads at the last moment.
The brand promises to deliver a premium experience of having one’s menstrual cycle by making it expedient and at par with other personal care regime because to us- it matters. Period.
Every time you buy Carmesi pads, a part of their earnings goes as a contribution to providing sanitary pads to an underprivileged woman.

I feel, the women in India, especially in rural areas need to be educated about menstrual hygiene. Then it would mean liberation of women in true sense, Right?

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Concept and Content- Karishma Kambo
Photography- Kirti Narain
Make up- Shruti Chopra