There is no health, without mental health!

I am not a shrink or an expert on mental health but we all have gone through ups and downs in life. Needless to say, you have to be your own rescuer and yes, I strongly believe in the same. Take help from your friends, parents, spouse, siblings or even an expert if need be but for the love of god, do something about it.

Maybe you already know certain things that I have listed down here below but what’s the point if you have never implemented it? Today, I will tell you how to make it happen. How to actually incorporate lifestyle changes that help to uplift your mental well-being. Today we will get into action and We WILL BE PRACTICING, WHAT WE ARE PREACHING, like literally!

Get up and Show up!

I know cliché thing but what if you have nowhere to show up then what? Like maybe, you don’t have a job or your friends are busy but point is not that. Get out of the bed, dress your best self (I am not saying just because I am into fashion but do it and then tell me), go and have a coffee with yourself or anything but step out of your room, first. The contact with the real world is an absolute must when you are feeling all low and sad about anything.

Find that Damn Purpose

You don’t have to figure out your five-year plans but something that will excite you, even a little. I am not saying it has to be about working on your professional aspirations but if you think that may be learning pottery will give you some happiness and motivation to abandon your dull routine, do it! It could be just to explore a city, a restaurant, a book shop or a nearby garden. The point is to do something which makes you feel better and then you will automatically land up into series of such things and yes, you will find it on your own!


Talk to your family or a close friend

They are your biggest support system and they will be happy to lend their ear if not more. This will help and you will feel better. Share, vent or discuss but do it for your own good!

Physical activity is a must! Tried and Tested!

I have not only felt a gush of energy after a good workout or a walk or a swim but it helps me to elevate my mood and focus on things, I love! You will feel happy and good about yourself after all someone rightly said,’ your body is a temple and you need to worship it!’ The thought of getting up will make you tired but do it anyway and once you will do, you will thank yourself! I suggest, do anything which is easy and convenient to begin with!

Find anything that is therapeutic

I find spending a day with my mom very therapeutic! We go out on lunches, movies and shopping sprees! There are plenty of things around you like you can go and watch any comedy movie, show or theatre but just go for it. As weird as it may sound because that’s not the idea your heart will buy but you have to do it, anyway. The idea is to change your mundane schedule and add some zing to it and yes, you need it.


De-clutter your room! Get rid of things, clothes, anything that you haven’t touched even once in two years! Clean space brings good vibes and you will immediately feel better.

Stay positive

Life has never been easy! It’s called life for a reason because even your low points prepare you for your tomorrow and make your strong! Don’t get overpowered with these emotions, you can help yourself as a matter of fact you are the only one who can help yourself!

Stay Happy, Positive! Sending each one of you so much of love! XO