VLCC Haldi & Chandan Face Wash

I am always scouting for natural skin care products. I am not a fan of chemically infused beauty products and especially, when it comes to an everyday product like a face wash. Recently, I laid my hands on VLCC Haldi & Chandan face wash and I want to share my experience with you all. This chrome coloured face wash comes in a tube and has a translucent texture. One can very subtly smell ‘chandan’ while using which is one of its main components. One would require a coin size quantity at least and it doesn’t lather much but cleanses quite effectively. I don’t like that dry stretchy feeling after using a face wash and neither did it leave my skin dry and moisture deprived. The best quality of this face wash is that it is mild yet cleanses properly and it’s paraben free. I was happy to see that it mentions property like skin brightening and not lightening! My skin did brighten but that effect lasts for a while. This is my first hand experience and I thought I found a perfect face wash at my rescue for the festive season. Who doesn’t want to look radiant during the festivities, right? The product is priced at Rs 99 only. Have a look at the video on my Facebook page and Instagram handle by the name martinionheels where you can see the texture and detailed review. You can also scroll down for few pictures. Until next time and Wishing all my lovely readers a very Happy Diwali!


Review of Nykaa Paintstix – Chic lip colours that you cannot give a miss!

Nykaa is growing by leaps and bounds! One of the amazing offers in the makeup category, amongst many others is the launch of new Paintstix. They had a special preview for the bloggers and media at the Farzi Café, CP. It was a fabulous evening over high-tea, mocktails and hors d’evorus where they unveiled the first look of Nykaa Paintstix!

These fabulous Paintstix are formulated with deep pigments that deliver extreme, long-lasting colours. What I loved the most of these vibrant Paintstix is that they are enriched with vitamin E and oodles of nutrient infused butter. This helps in hiding the fine lines on the lips which further make them soft and supple. There are 12 colours, so there is something as per everyone’s liking. From bold hues to soft shades, there is definitely a shade for every girl.

The colour last long for at least 4 hours, and are pigmented enough. However, the swatches were done in two strokes as I wanted the actual colour to stand out for you. Priced at INR 425, I personally think they are not expensive, and packaging is sleek and chic. Also, every Paintstix tube is wrapped in its coordinating colour. I am really impressed with the texture and colours of these lipscticks! Way to go, Nykaa!!

Review of every shade as per the swatches (in the picture)

08 (Purple Monster) Love experiments and want to stand out? Go ahead, and give it a shot! You will love it!

05 (Tender Rose) The name suggests it all. It’s very chic and very pink! Who doesn’t like that, right?

09 (Bombshell Berry) Yes, it’s very berry-licious, and for all the bombs! I loved it because it has depth to it!

01 (Nude Spice) A big thumbs up to this one, and my personal favourite! I loved it so much I even used this shade for my look at the fashion week! See the image below!

07 (Rock and Roll Pink) It is hot, bold and very rock and roll. It can be easily called queen of all the pinks!

02 (Cool Girl Nude) We all know how nudes are such a big thing these days! I am a big fan of neutral shades and this one didn’t disappoint me either! A bit darker than their other nude shade in the kitty yet subtle.

12 (Grunge brown) People who are fond of earthy, dark browns will really love this one!

10 (Rebellious Red) This is a very nice red which is a perfect shade for all your classy evenings! I loved this red because it cannot go wrong for any skin tone!

11 (Hearts n Kisses) Slightly pinkish-red, this colour is for those who want the best of both the hues- pink and red!

03 (No Chill Orange) I have a thing for orange hues in lip colours. This one is for those who like to make a statement, and it will do the needful! A fun and a very vibrant shade!

06 (Chick Flick Pink) It’s a pink with red tone but slightly understated

04 (Peches and Cream) I love , love and love this peach-ish, orange-ish shade. Perfect for summers- day or night look!

Hope you have enjoyed the review! Do drop in your comments below for me to know! Until, next time, lots and pots of love!


The Faceshop India- The K-beauty Revolution For Your Skin!

I have always been an ardent user of nature enriched beauty products. There is no dearth of chemically-laden products that are part of our everyday lives. And, amongst this if there is a beauty brand that has offered a respite from the humdrum of bizarre products; it is no less than a blessing! We all know how Koreans are always on the quest for healthy skin, and when it comes to make up they have always revolutionised the industry by introducing some innovative products! Yes, I can totally vouch for Korean beauty and make-up products. Give this post a read, and you will know it all!

Recently, I was invited to attend a workshop by The Faceshop India with a renowned make-up artist Bobby Chopra to try the newly launched ‘The Faceshop’ beauty and make-up products in India. The coveted brand has body, bath, and skin care and make up products using over 1000 natural ingredients such as flowers, grains, plants, fruits, and oriental medicine to nourish the skin.

So, to continue with the post, I used few of their products for 4-5 days before penning it down for my review.

Rice Water Bright- Cleansing Foam

Why Rice water as an ingredient?

It is an excellent ingredient for skin and hair. The fermented rice water has all the benefits for you to have a radiant and youthful skin. It helps in reducing pores and fine lines and voila! Your skin gets better day by day!

The Product

It comes in a sturdy, glossy tube and I was quite happy with the packaging. I took a little more than a pea sized quantity to wash my face, and it has a soft, creamy and pearly texture. While I was gently massaging my skin with this facewash, it did lather up nicely. The best part- it has a mild, soothing fragrance and I absolutely loved it [I can actually eat it up ;-)]. I am usually not a fan of a any face wash which leaves my skin dry after using it. This one just did not! It is mild and yet cleansed my skin properly, giving me a fresh feeling!

CC Cooling Cushion- V 203

Why cushion compact foundation?

A wonderful innovative product introduced by the Koreans to the western world, this one surely comes as a blessing to many! It’s a foundation absorbed in the sponge and by pressing the applicator against the sponge, it uniformly spreads on the applicator for you to use. It’s a very innovative way of using foundation which gives you a uniform texture.

The Product

The product definitely gets brownie points for the packaging. It comes in a very cute case like a face of a Pooh and Mickey! When the foundation touches the skin, it actually cools your skin down which you will feel while using it. It gives a natural dewy coverage without making it look over the top with makeup. It blurs imperfections and pores giving a very natural coverage and dewy polish. People who are looking for a thick- heavy coverage, may be, they won’t like it. I totally loved it because I like natural coverage making it an everyday use product for me!

The solution- Brightening face mask, formulated with pearl

Why pearl as an ingredient?

Pearl is another ingredient which is extensively used by the beauty brands all over the worl. It actually helps in achieving a radiant skin, which again helps in defying signs of aging and give you an instant glow.

The Product

It is a one-time use mask which again comes in an excellent packaging. The pouch is easy to carry while you are travelling. Once you tear open the pouch, you will find a thin glossy sheet which has to be removed from the foil like kind of a sheet. They are super hygienic and light as an air sheet. Once I had put it on my face, it gave me a cooling sensation. I kept it for 20 minutes on my face and took a power nap. After, I woke up, believe me my skin was glowing and was so soft and supple. The effect doesn’t last for more than 2 days or so but then again it’s a quick fix which gives you instant results.

About the Faceshop India Workshop with Bobby Chopra

Martini On Heels is always on a scout for new products so that you have a hands on review on the new launches. Bobby Chopra’s workshop was quite informative where she gave a demo on how to do a summery, fresh, natural make-up! I totally loved it!

Will I recommend The Faceshop India?

Totally, I am recommending you guys to give it a shot! My love for Korean beauty products is evident for my post. After I gave it a try, I certainly didn’t regret it!

Hope you guys had enjoyed reading my post, as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Until, next time, Much love!


We are making you wedding ready! Yes, you heard that right!

Be it fashion, food or lifestyle, will bring you the best of all worlds! This one is something you surely cannot give a miss, especially if your wedding is around the corner. Stop everything, and indulge yourself into this read now. You can thank us later!

To address the vital need of the modern day bride and groom which is to de-stress regularly and recuperate holistically, JW Marriott Chandigarh has introduced a one-of-its-kind offering, the ‘Wedding Spa’, at its in-house facility—Quan Spa. The Pre and Post Wedding Spa packages are scientifically constructed keeping in mind the need of the bride and groom, and their requirements to not only enhance their looks in their prep for the D-Day but to balance their inner wellbeing as well! How? Well, what better than – yoga, meditation and light fitness workout added to these packages! Interesting enough! Is it?

While the Pre Wedding Spa treatments have been designed to enrich the well-being state of the body, the Post Wedding spa treatments will facilitate rejuvenation by soothing the mind and body of the couples.

The spa treatments in the pre-wedding package commence with a Chrono Detox Treatment Facial along with Purity Ritual. This is followed by Deep Renewal Massage combined with Marine Detox Wrap. The Chrono Detox is an effective detoxifying treatment that makes use of marine and plant extracts. When combined with Purity Ritual, the treatment rids the entire body of its impurities, improves cell renewal and stimulates micro-circulation.

The next step is a combination of Brightening Rejuvenating and Intensive Eye Treatment, an ideal treatment to rid the face of pigmentation marks, scars, blemishes, dark circles etc. The package is concluded with a session of Earth & Ocean Hot Stone massage which is a tantalising therapy for the back and neck. Also, it includes, Foot reflexology- an authentic traditional therapy applying focused pressure to certain reflex points in the feet.

Based on the refreshing therapies, the post-wedding package consists of the combination of Aquarelle Treatment Facial and Intensive Eye Treatment (these are the best ways to revitalise and hydrate the skin), and the rejuvenating Coffee Body Scrub and Spice Bundle Massage, with natural ingredients. The use of coffee, a widely known stimulant, helps in the re-energising process and also aids in smoothening the skin since it is rich in antioxidant and anti-cellulite properties. Complementing it is the Spice Bundle Massage, where the therapists apply medicated oil infused poultices filled with spices and hand-picked herbs, which facilitate a relaxing and effective detoxifying treatment.

Especially developed to truly relax and de-stress the body and mind, each treatment included in the “Wedding Spa” packages is synergistic, aimed at rejuvenating different parts of the body.

So, book your appointments at the Quan Spa as assure you that it will give you all the energy to kick-start your wedding with a bang!