There is no health, without mental health!

I am not a shrink or an expert on mental health but we all have gone through ups and downs in life. Needless to say, you have to be your own rescuer and yes, I strongly believe in the same. Take help from your friends, parents, spouse, siblings or even an expert if need be but for the love of god, do something about it.

Maybe you already know certain things that I have listed down here below but what’s the point if you have never implemented it? Today, I will tell you how to make it happen. How to actually incorporate lifestyle changes that help to uplift your mental well-being. Today we will get into action and We WILL BE PRACTICING, WHAT WE ARE PREACHING, like literally!

Get up and Show up!

I know cliché thing but what if you have nowhere to show up then what? Like maybe, you don’t have a job or your friends are busy but point is not that. Get out of the bed, dress your best self (I am not saying just because I am into fashion but do it and then tell me), go and have a coffee with yourself or anything but step out of your room, first. The contact with the real world is an absolute must when you are feeling all low and sad about anything.

Find that Damn Purpose

You don’t have to figure out your five-year plans but something that will excite you, even a little. I am not saying it has to be about working on your professional aspirations but if you think that may be learning pottery will give you some happiness and motivation to abandon your dull routine, do it! It could be just to explore a city, a restaurant, a book shop or a nearby garden. The point is to do something which makes you feel better and then you will automatically land up into series of such things and yes, you will find it on your own!


Talk to your family or a close friend

They are your biggest support system and they will be happy to lend their ear if not more. This will help and you will feel better. Share, vent or discuss but do it for your own good!

Physical activity is a must! Tried and Tested!

I have not only felt a gush of energy after a good workout or a walk or a swim but it helps me to elevate my mood and focus on things, I love! You will feel happy and good about yourself after all someone rightly said,’ your body is a temple and you need to worship it!’ The thought of getting up will make you tired but do it anyway and once you will do, you will thank yourself! I suggest, do anything which is easy and convenient to begin with!

Find anything that is therapeutic

I find spending a day with my mom very therapeutic! We go out on lunches, movies and shopping sprees! There are plenty of things around you like you can go and watch any comedy movie, show or theatre but just go for it. As weird as it may sound because that’s not the idea your heart will buy but you have to do it, anyway. The idea is to change your mundane schedule and add some zing to it and yes, you need it.


De-clutter your room! Get rid of things, clothes, anything that you haven’t touched even once in two years! Clean space brings good vibes and you will immediately feel better.

Stay positive

Life has never been easy! It’s called life for a reason because even your low points prepare you for your tomorrow and make your strong! Don’t get overpowered with these emotions, you can help yourself as a matter of fact you are the only one who can help yourself!

Stay Happy, Positive! Sending each one of you so much of love! XO


My perfect Companion who takes care of my health- Vaya!

I am always on the go! Events, shoots, meetings and other Nitties and Gritty keep me occupied all day long! As much as I love my job and I have zero complaints, I love eating ‘ghar ka khana’. Guess, what came to my rescue? Well, go onto reading the post further.

Recently, I was sent something very convenient yet very useful by Vaya- tyffn. It’s a super sleek, stylish, 2 container vacuum insulted lunchbox. I am not a fan of plastic and nothing like keeping your food warm in stainless steel lunchboxes.

Plastic has really caused a lot of havoc to our environment. Its high time we ban plastic as much as we can!

So, this sleek designed Vaya Tyffn is engineered to keep your home-cooked meals hot. Vaya’s revolutionary Vacu Therm technology traps rising heat inside a vacuum-insulated stainless steel shell. The best part is it’s so sleek and chic that I am very happy to carry it around with me in my bag and open it wherever I want. How cool is that?

My take on Tyffyn by VAYA

1. An innovative solution for plastic lunchboxes! Need I say more? It’s super handy and keeps my food hot or cold for 5-6 hours at least for me! No need to fear the leakage of curries etc because this one is fully leak-resistant and comes with a heat protective finger grip!
2. I have a perfect two container (Tyffyn 600) lunch box to carry small portions with me
3. Its flexible, easy to carry and doesn’t occupy a lot of space
4. It comes with a Bag Mat which transforms from sleek shoulder bag to easy-to-clean table mat in a jiffy. Taking care of your style too, isn’t?

See these images for yourself and let me know your thoughts! Until, Next time! Lots of love! 🙂


It’s just Period, Period.

It’s 2018, and we are still fighting the stigma of talking about Menstruation, openly!

We cannot make such a big deal about period, which is a crucial part of a woman’s reproductive cycle. It is a very foundation of life! And, what are we really ashamed of? The entire Human Race? We need to break this barrier of narrow mindedness and just get over the fact that it’s just Period, Period.

In India, millions of women don’t have an access to proper menstrual care which is why I have joined hands with Carmesi, as the brand resolves to provide better and more confident future for all women.
Periods are an intrinsic part of a woman’s life, and so are sanitary napkins. Besides menstrual pain, there are various other issues that a woman experiences during her periods including discomfort, irritation and other skin-infections. Made from nature’s finest materials, the brand delivers an exceptional experience to the consumers. Carmesí pads are completely natural and biodegradable, and contain no harmful synthetics and chemicals.
Carmesí sanitary pads are composed of two main ingredients- Corn Starch and Bamboo Fibre. The corn starch eliminates the risk of skin issues like itchiness or harsh rashes while the bamboo fibre provides complete leakage protection along with a back-sheet which is made of compostable bio-plastic allowing zero leakage, making the pads 100% biodegradable.

Apart from the fact that the product is all natural, here are few other features that sets it apart:

1. The Black Box of Comfort: The pads are delivered to customers in an elegant vanity box that’s convenient and looks super-chic sitting on one’s dresser.
2. Convenient disposal: Each Carmesí pad comes enclosed in a ziplock disposal bag, so one doesn’t have to look for additional tissue papers and polythene bags for this purpose.
3. Size Customization: Carmesí offers its customers the option to choose a mix of sizes in their pack, to cater to the different days of the cycle.
4. Subscription tailored to Period Cycle: Carmesí delivers a customer’s period supply two days before the estimated period date, so a customer never has to worry about running out of pads at the last moment.
The brand promises to deliver a premium experience of having one’s menstrual cycle by making it expedient and at par with other personal care regime because to us- it matters. Period.
Every time you buy Carmesi pads, a part of their earnings goes as a contribution to providing sanitary pads to an underprivileged woman.

I feel, the women in India, especially in rural areas need to be educated about menstrual hygiene. Then it would mean liberation of women in true sense, Right?

Please do share your thoughts on the post in the comments section below.
Until, Next Time!

Concept and Content- Karishma Kambo
Photography- Kirti Narain
Make up- Shruti Chopra


Health and beauty, both, are skin deep! Literally!

Gone are the days, when people used to rely on some crash diets to target their fitness goals! It’s not about superficial ways of reducing weight but rather knowing the art of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I will talk about my diet in some other post but here are few tips to lead you towards a healthy and fit body that I follow. These are no hard-core rules but simple lifestyle changes that have always helped me. So, here it goes.

1) The ‘feel-good’ Factor– It’s not about forcing yourself to adapt to some exercise routine, however it’s about identifying which exercise or sport’s routine makes you happy because it’s that happy factor which helps you to achieve your fitness goals.
If you don’t like gym, go for a run. If you don’t like running, join some dance classes. If you
think yoga gives you peace and contentment then do that. It’s always the ‘feel -good factor’
which plays a vital role. I love doing a mix of all of the above and that’s what works for me.
Identify yours, and then go for it!

2) Listen to your body– Don’t make your journey hard rather gradually work towards your goal. You will be surprised how your body will communicate to you. You will get a better understanding of yourself, if you pay a little more attention. Like for example, I have realised that I need that ‘me time’ and sometimes, I go for long walks or jogs which do wonders for me. After that I treat myself with a nice meal too if I want. Basically, I am listening to what my body wants and adapt to it.

3) Treat your self– Like people say, ‘keep a cheat day’! I never get what the heck that means. This word signifies guilt to me which is definitely not a ‘feel-good’ factor!! Of course, it will harm me if I am not happy about it, right? Let’s say, if I am having a piece of a chocolate cake, it’s keeping my taste buds happy and it’s definitely making me happy too! If I think it’s doing some serious harm to you, it will. So, why not, enjoy that piece of cake and follow your regular exercise routine. You don’t have to run an extra mile to burn that cake. It’s okay!

4) Nature is your friend– I am not a morning person but if I do wake up early, I want to be outdoors. I need that fresh oxygen to breathe. I want to feel the morning rays on my skin and whenever I have done that believe me it’s like kick- starting your day with some extra energy at your disposal.

5) Eat, burn and sleep– This can never fail you. Even the fittest of fittest person will swear by this! You cannot burn if you don’t eat and you cannot recover if you miss on your proper sleep. Lack of sleeping slows down your metabolism! So, it’s always a good idea to get atleast 7-8 hours of sound sleep.

P.S. I am not an expert on fitness rather these are just simple things in life that we tend to ignore. These are general tips for relatively everyone who is struggling to get fit. People who are advised by their doctor to follow a diet or a fitness schedule should stick to that.

These are my simple fitness mantras and now I am going to talk about my new found love for a beauty clinic. It’s my latest beauty go-to-destination and I am so happy to know they have come to Khan Market. Aayna Clinic, one of the leading aesthetic wellness clinic of Delhi, launched its second state of the art centre at Khan Market. The new Clinic carries forward the legacy of Aayna offering safe and effective procedures in the fields of Cosmetic dermatology, Anti-ageing, Weight management, Semi-permanent makeup, Hair restoration and Medical pedicures. Some of the most popular and unique treatments available at Aayna are Semi permanent make up, Margaret Dabbs Pedicures and Manicures and Dermal Fillers. Dermal fillers which is an Anti ageing treatment widely used but rarely done with so much precision that results look 100% natural. Dr. Simal Soin is well recognized for her work in the Anti-ageing field and is one of the leading injectors in the country. Aesthetically done, clinic’s interiors have been designed to reflect the grace and aura of brand Aayna; which extends welcoming and hospitable ambience. The clinic offers ‘medical luxurious’ and relaxed atmosphere to its visitors. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t give you a feeling of a clinic. The swanky, cosy environment of Aayna will really make you go their again and again apart from their meticulously designed procedures. I was very happy to know that they offer advanced medical treatments in skin care and beauty which is a need of every woman surviving in the toxic environments of Delhi.

Concept, Styling and Content by Karishma Kambo | Photography by Bhuwan Gupta
Jacket – Wild Craft | Sports Gear- Nike | Sports Shoes- Nike
Aayna Clinic- Khan Market, New Delhi.
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#ownthenight by breaking the barriers of night photography with Tecno Mobile i5 Pro

Tecno Mobile entered Indian Market in April 2017, is a brand of Transsion holdings, a company which has paved its way in almost 50+ countries providing mobile communication products and mobile internet services.  ‘Do the Undoable’ is the brand philosophy of this newly launched brand in India. The brand aims to break the barriers of night photography v/s day photography. By successfully launching– ‘i-series’ of smart phones that are equipped with innovative camera features, this cool phone enables you to capture images truer to the Indian skin tones even in the low light conditions. The main camera of the Tecno i5 Pro is a 13 Megapixel with video recording along with a front facing camera capable of shooting 8 Megapixel selfies! How cool is that?


Some of its coolest features include

Re-defining night photography– Tecno Smart phones intend to re-define night photography to its users by its unique image processing technology ‘Pixelex Engine’ which enables to capture the brightest pictures even in the darkest night by redefining the boundaries of image processing. Believe me; I have managed to capture shots with this phone in the darkest room, in my balcony area with no lights and even on the streets with a minimal light of a street lamp! The clarity and sharpness of the pictures left me completely speechless. I have shot some amazing pictures in the day time and as well in a properly lit area like a hotel to see the clarity in different lights which turned out to be simply amazing

Anti-oil fingerprint– If it is difficult to part with your phone even while having your food? Well, this phone allows you to unlock your phone under any conditions with ease!

Innovation at its best– The rear camera comes with Quad LED Flash to give sharp, edgy professional touch to the pictures. ‘Selfie’ camera comes with Screen Flash and Front LED flash as well as for the brighter night ‘Selfies’. You might need to hold the camera for 1-2 to seconds after clicking the picture though to get the perfect shot!

Absolute no-fuss phone when it comes to charging– The battery experience is enhanced as it comes with a rocket charging that helps the charging time at least by 20% as compared to traditional fast charge. I have experienced this and the battery lasts much longer that what I expected

Worry Free – It comes with ‘151’ promise which offers 100 days’ replacement warranty, 50% buyback and 1-year one-time screen replacement as an initial offering for a limited period.

The product portfolio consists of five new innovative smart phones priced competitively at INR 7990 to 14990 (MOP). While i5, i5 Pro, i3 and i3 pro will all be available across 3 states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Punjab.

Key Features

Release date in India April’ 17
Type Touch screen phone
Colours Champagne gold, sky black, space grey
ScreenSize (inches) 5.50
Resolution 720×1280 pixels
Removable Battery No
Batter capacity 4000
Processor 1.50GHz quad core
Rear Camera 13 Megapixel
Flash Yes
Front Camera 8 Megapixel
Operating System Android 7.0
Internal Storage 32 GB
Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth Yes




Valentine’s Day Euphoria!

There are two sets of people- who believe in Valentine’s Day and those who actually find this ‘over-the-top’ display of love ridiculous to the core of their heart. Though there are many people who experience this feeling of euphoria, on this day but there are still a few who find it bizarre. I wish, I could be infected with this overly exciting V-day syndrome, but I don’t perceive myself to be a part of the same, to that extent. It’s not that I have anything against it rather I want to celebrate love every single day of my life! It’s just that my expectations out of ‘being in love’ cannot be restricted to any special day. I had always thought why do I need to step out, and celebrate love just because there is a day assigned for that? Especially, when restaurants are overbooked and swarmed with lovey-dovey couples, shopping malls are more keen on the public display of affection than the couples themselves, and don’t even talk about those heart shaped balloons that are found in every nook and corner of the city on this day! I am more than happy to be with my special one in a private set up where there is no humdrum of bizarre V-day celebrations!

Sometimes it dawns on me that there is another set of people- those who fantasize about getting involved but just cannot put their guts together to be a part of it!

However, I believe valentine love is 365 days, and that’s how I would like to keep it! Yes, I know, there’s a little bit of ‘Mills and Boon’ perspective here but being a Libran, I have a full right to be in my dreamy world! ☺

I don’t care about this date, per se, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in love or the celebration of love. It’s just that I am not a ‘play by rules sort of a person’. Despite this, yesterday, I stepped out to buy a Valentine’s Day gift, and it was for my brother from his girlfriend who is not based out of India and she thought I have a better taste and sense of gifting, so, she assigned me the job. As I walked from the store to store searching for a perfect gift for my brother (from his girlfriend, of course), a thought crossed my mind that I have never been through this drill to this extent, especially, because it’s a valentine’s day!

There is another irony about this special occasion – not everyone but may be a few couples put their pretentious faces especially for V-day because they are meant to behave in certain fashion or post pictures on the social media. I still look at it positively because had it been not for this day, another day would have passed for them thinking they cannot be in love. Maybe, this day might have changed something for them. Amen!

Being a hopeless romantic (this is another Libran trait), I believe, I am so full of life and love that I don’t need any special day to feel like that. I don’t consciously participate and neither am I an anti-V-day person but the irony is I did get involved!

And, maybe on this special day, in an overly excited state of mind, I might end up with a bouquet of red roses in my hands, having a candle light dinner at some swanky restaurant which is full of excited couples! LOL!!! (Never say never, right?)

P.S. I don’t like red roses, any colour will do, but not red!! 😉
Until Next time, lots of love and Happy Valentine’s Day to all my lovely readers!!


Obeetee- The Confluence of Cultural Richness and Global Identity

Proud to be an Indian- A unique initiative by OBEETEE to take Indian designs to the world!
Our cultural heritage is so rich that we can draw inspiration from every nook and corner of India. The art, designs, and especially the craftsmanship in our country is not only diverse but also has years of history behind it. To carry forward the same thought process, OBEETEE has collaborated with one of the veteran designers of the country, Tarun Tahiliani, to bring a spectacular collection of hand knotted carpets.

So, what exactly is the initiative?
As per Rudra Chatterjee, Chairman of OBEETEE, over the last decade, India has become the largest manufacturer of carpets, surpassing the production by Iran, Turkey, Nepal, Pakistan, Morocco, and other areas, yet the designs have been a hybrid of India and other nations.

As far as the rug category is concerned, there was a little or no presence of Indian art in this domain. In fact, Indian art was perceived to be hiding in the shadows of Indo-China, Indo-Persian or Indo- Nepal for that matter. The intent was to break out of the shackles of colonization and create something uniquely Indian, said Angelique Dharma, Chief Marketing Officer of the OBEETEE.

The idea behind the initiative is to make sure that these rugs echo and reflect country’s diverse design sensibilities by creating an exhibition of modern carpets, as conceived by the sub continent’s most promising fashion designers!

Tarun Tahuliani for OBEETEE
The name synonymous with aesthetic reinvention, Tarun Tahiliani, will be designing the first compilation of these India-inspired rugs. The initiative also has brought on board, other illustrious designers like Raghavendra Rathore, Abraham &Thakore to conceptualise this project.

The skilled craftsmanship
The most skilled weavers, with decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of their crafts were carefully chosen for this task. Weaving of the Zari threads for the metallic lustre, incorporation of classic Indian motifs like kairi bootis and stylized floral patterns like rose and lotus have been used intricately to add significant details.

The design structures

The Antique Frames Collection which is based on the borders painted in the most elaborate refinement, on the periphery of Indian/Mughal paintings. The rich colours pallete celebrates lively tones like reds, burgundies and rusts.

The second segment – the Chikankari, glorifies the traditional art of Chikankari; and the blocks have the vines from the Persian gardens.

The third segment comprises of the canvases painted by the designer himself!

In short, these signed masterpieces would be nothing short of timeless treasures for its proud owners! I have had the glimpse of these intricately designed carpets at the event organised for the bloggers and the media at the Bikaner House, recently. I must say that every creation spoke volumes about the hard work that must have gone behind in creating those stunning pieces.