Culotting– two ways (Part I)

If anybody asked for my favourite era in fashion, I would unhesitatingly say– the seventies. One of the coolest trends of the seventies that made a comeback in the past few seasons is culottes. Like I said, I have a thing for the 70’s fashion and these- ‘neither a pant nor a skirt’ like bottoms for women, actually, made its debut in the early 1900s but became one of the most sought after trends of the 70’s. It is not considered a very sexy garment but is loved more for its comfort and versatility. However, I feel by styling it in the right manner, one can achieve any look! So, considering my love for this trend, I was curious to style my favourite pair of black culottes for both a casual and formal wear.
The first part of the post is my take on these culottes for a casual outing, and the second one is more for a formal step out. I hope you will enjoy reading this post, as much as, I have enjoyed conceptualizing it ☺

Casual Look
A crop top can never go wrong when styled with high-waist bottoms, and what I love about such combination is that it accentuates your waist at the right place, and makes you look slim and classy!








[Culottes- Zara | Crop top- Zara | Platforms- Zara]

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