Thank you so much for stopping by martini on heels.

I have been often asked by my friends and colleagues- why don’t I have my own blog? Not because they think I am an epitome of something special (lol) but they have closely seen me how curiosity, creativity, and experimentation drive me all the time.
I have been so passionate about fashion that five years back, I decided to quit my hard-core corporate job to follow my heart into something that not only excites me now but also keeps me up on my toes! And, if fashion is my passion, food is my religion. I belong to the category of those people who worship their food. I usually try my hands at cooking simpler version of the dishes I enjoy eating the most but that doesn’t stop me to try different cuisines and eating at the new restaurants!
In the last five years, wonderful work opportunities came my way, and I am really thankful for the learning and experience. However, I always thought that despite having my choice of work, I am still exploring to the extent of my responsibilities. It would be great to have a freedom to connect and express myself, irrespective of my role. And that’s exactly, what creativity is all about, right? Hence, I thought of starting a blog to be able to share and connect with all you wonderful people.
Martini on heels is an expression of ideas and creativity by a fashion enthusiast (me) who loves food, art, and Masterchef Australia, and juggles with everyday concerns like what to wear and how to eat right! However, this blog is not a journal on what one should do and what one should not because I believe when it comes to creativity there is nothing right or wrong. It’s about sharing my ideas on fashion, food and lifestyle that are more intuitive than following any concrete plan. So, here to the new endeavours and countless wonderful experiences!



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Her background
Born and bred in Delhi, she graduated from Jesus and Mary College (Delhi University), and completed her post graduation in MSc Entrepreneurship from Nottingham University (U.K.)
She has freelanced as a fashion and lifestyle writer for magazines like Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Good Housekeeping, and Marie Claire. Her last stint was with jabong.com wherein her job profile included fashion communications, fashion PR and marketing.
She also has a formal training in Jewellery designing from JPDC, New Delhi and to follow her creative instincts she designs contemporary jewellery. Art is another genre which fascinates her as she used to paint as an amateur artist at Triveni Kala Sangam ,Mandi House.

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