The Denim Edit (Part I)

Who doesn’t own a pair of those super comfortable denim jeans? But gone are the days when denim was just limited to jeans, jackets or shirts in your wardrobe. Since a few decades, denim has been the muse of the fashion designers worldwide. Clearly, it is still one of those fashion trends that has been doing rounds of the catwalks, season after season. Even, I couldn’t stop myself from picking up this theme, and since it is impossible to cover this dynamic trend in just one post, I will be subsequently doing few more posts on martini on heels revolving around this super cool blue fabric.

One thing that always keeps my curiosity levels high is the history/roots of that particular trend!

So, here we go back to the few amazing facts on Denim

  • It was originally called serge de N├«mes which was then soon changed to Denim
  • Denim was originally used by workers because of its durability, and it suited well for their daily jobs
  • The brand Levi Strauss is a brainchild of a man Leob and a Nevada tailor as they both together got the patent for creating workpants reinforced with metal rivets in the 1800s which is now commonly known as Jeans
  • In 1950s denim jeans became very popular with the younger crowd, and it was the symbol of teenage rebellion in movies and TV programmes
  • In 1980s denim took fashion industry by storm when designers like Gucci started designing jeans with their own labels on them, and it surely became the symbol of western decadence
  • In 1990s there was a sudden decrease in the demand of the denim Jeans due to which Levis Strauss had to close its 11 factories
  • In the year 2000, denim came back with a bang and till now, it proudly owns a space in high street fashion outlets and on the famous runways!

We surely, can’t get enough of this trend, right?

Look 1

My ode to this fabric would be incomplete if I don’t share its incorporation into the present fashion. For this blog post, I chose a blue denim shirt dress which is a smart, casual and a perfect fit for your shopping spree, college style or even a coffee date. Though it’s certainly not restricted to any occasion but it’s still more apt for your casual step out than an evening soiree. Have a look on how I styled mine!

[Denim Shirt dress- Promod | Bag- Michael Kors | Sunglasses- Prada | Necklace- Accessorize | Shoes- Aldo]

Concept, Styling and Content by Karishma Kambo | Photography by Niharika Bokaria | Location Courtesy- The Big Chill Cakery, New Delhi