We are making you wedding ready! Yes, you heard that right!

Be it fashion, food or lifestyle, will bring you the best of all worlds! This one is something you surely cannot give a miss, especially if your wedding is around the corner. Stop everything, and indulge yourself into this read now. You can thank us later!

To address the vital need of the modern day bride and groom which is to de-stress regularly and recuperate holistically, JW Marriott Chandigarh has introduced a one-of-its-kind offering, the ‘Wedding Spa’, at its in-house facility—Quan Spa. The Pre and Post Wedding Spa packages are scientifically constructed keeping in mind the need of the bride and groom, and their requirements to not only enhance their looks in their prep for the D-Day but to balance their inner wellbeing as well! How? Well, what better than – yoga, meditation and light fitness workout added to these packages! Interesting enough! Is it?

While the Pre Wedding Spa treatments have been designed to enrich the well-being state of the body, the Post Wedding spa treatments will facilitate rejuvenation by soothing the mind and body of the couples.

The spa treatments in the pre-wedding package commence with a Chrono Detox Treatment Facial along with Purity Ritual. This is followed by Deep Renewal Massage combined with Marine Detox Wrap. The Chrono Detox is an effective detoxifying treatment that makes use of marine and plant extracts. When combined with Purity Ritual, the treatment rids the entire body of its impurities, improves cell renewal and stimulates micro-circulation.

The next step is a combination of Brightening Rejuvenating and Intensive Eye Treatment, an ideal treatment to rid the face of pigmentation marks, scars, blemishes, dark circles etc. The package is concluded with a session of Earth & Ocean Hot Stone massage which is a tantalising therapy for the back and neck. Also, it includes, Foot reflexology- an authentic traditional therapy applying focused pressure to certain reflex points in the feet.

Based on the refreshing therapies, the post-wedding package consists of the combination of Aquarelle Treatment Facial and Intensive Eye Treatment (these are the best ways to revitalise and hydrate the skin), and the rejuvenating Coffee Body Scrub and Spice Bundle Massage, with natural ingredients. The use of coffee, a widely known stimulant, helps in the re-energising process and also aids in smoothening the skin since it is rich in antioxidant and anti-cellulite properties. Complementing it is the Spice Bundle Massage, where the therapists apply medicated oil infused poultices filled with spices and hand-picked herbs, which facilitate a relaxing and effective detoxifying treatment.

Especially developed to truly relax and de-stress the body and mind, each treatment included in the “Wedding Spa” packages is synergistic, aimed at rejuvenating different parts of the body.

So, book your appointments at the Quan Spa as assure you that it will give you all the energy to kick-start your wedding with a bang!