The Chatter House: Food Review

We all have some sort of perception about the Pub food! It is something that you have over drinks or maybe afterwards, but it can never match the standards of any fine dining restaurant! What if you find an amalgamation of the two? No, I am not saying that I found a fine dining restaurant in a pub but it is definitely above the regular food you would find in any of the pubs in our city. A modern contemporary place- The Chatter House right in the heart of Khan Market is a perfect getaway from the mundane flow of life! It brings alive the very essence of the pub culture made famous by typical European pubs, and you have a perfect place at your disposal to connect with friends over scrumptious food, and mind blowing drinks. The place is spread over two floors, with huge round windows touching the ceiling. It has an underground pub sort of a vibe with bricked walls which give the interiors a nice rustic look.

When I happened to visit The Chatter House, I was under the impression of finding some regular pub food which will be a part of the menu. But seeing their elaborate menu, l certainly couldn’t resist ordering an array of dishes. We started off with a few starters to begin with like Dahi Kebabs which were melting in the mouth and completely oil free. I wonder how they managed that because mostly wherever I have had Dahi Kebabs, they were almost drenched in oil! Next came the Toastadas which were crunchy tortillas topped with chicken, sour cream, kidney beans and salsa. Tostadas can be a perfect accompaniment to your drinks that has a crispy base and delish Mexican toppings. It looked like a thin crust pizza but it just wasn’t as heavy as any regular pizza but certainly more satisfactory to eat than a bowl of nachos. We ordered more of starters as usually we prefer small plates over elaborate main courses. Next in our list to order were the Galouti Kebabs which were again melting in the mouth, and minced perfectly to achieve that smooth texture. They were served with ulte tawe ka parantha which I wasn’t really a fan of but kebabs were cooked to perfection. We also ordered Amritsari fish which was again tender, grilled perfectly, and spices in it were balanced as well. I am a big fan of salads and their Garden in a Bowl which is a mix of seasonal vegetables and roasted almonds on a bed of smoked yoghurt and eggplant puree was refreshing and delicious. I was almost done with our starters when I spotted the blue cheese naan in their bar snacks. That caught my eye as never ever I came across any form of naan with dal makhani shots mentioned in the appetizers of any menu which urged me to order the same, and give it a shot (literally)! I certainly didn’t regret ordering that because the dish came with three bite sized naans, with their respective dal makhani shots. I loved it because otherwise one would never think of ordering dal makhani and naan in a gastro pub sort of a place. However, I feel that the taste of blue cheese in the naan was a little less to my liking. We were even impressed by their Lebanese Mezze Platter as it goes pretty well with your drinks, and kebabs were succulent enough. We hardly had any room for main course but seeing creamy polenta, we thought to give it a try as well. However, I wasn’t as impressed with it as I was by their other dishes because it was a little grainy as per my liking. Next we were served- Balls on fire: lamb dumplings simmered in tomato & chipotle sauce finished with feta and smoked chilli and I thought the meatballs were a tad dry but the sauce was really good. So, you would find a lot of choice in their menu which is a mix of Lebanese, European, Mexican and Indian. However, Indian dishes are definitely more predominant in their menu overall. There are a lot of places that I know where the Indian food is either oily or has some added orangish colour but at The Chatter House you wouldn’t find that. The dishes were almost oil free, and I was very happy to see that they were without any added artificial colours!

So, after the main course, we at Martini On Heels were quite curious to try the dessert which is the favourite part of our meal, indeed! We ordered two desserts- molten chocolate cake and apple crumble and god! How much did we love that! Cake with a gooey centre was perfectly moist and this is something that you cannot miss! Apple crumble was again warm and heavenly, and it had a little crunch which was because of the muesli that was used in its preparation. Overall, Martini On Heels would recommend this place to you as it’s an exemplary of a new urban spin of a pub culture. With its rustic interiors, cool vibe and good food, this place will certainly not let you down!

Martini on Heels’ recommendations:
Dahi Kebabs, Galouti Kebabs, Toastadas, Blue Cheese Nan with Dal Makhani Shots, Apple Crumble









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